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Envangilical University of Bolivia’s History
UEB was founded in 1980 by American educator and missionary, Dr. Meredyth Scheflen.  UEB is fully accredited by the Bolivian Government and is an affiliate member of the Council of Christian Colleges in the United States. In 1998 a Medical Clinic was established on the campus, via private donations, and was originally built to service a neighborhood of 500 families, but the clinic has seen the area around it grow in population to over 380,000.

Current Situation
The clinic averages 6,000 patients a month with the 8 rooms containing 4 to 5 beds in each room. The clinic also has a single X-Ray machine dating back to the early 1980’s.

Strategic Vision

  • Transformational Discipleship of Youth of Bolivia by transforming their hearts, minds, and affection toward Christ.
  • Education and equipping the Youth of Bolivia with the capabilities of enhancing their environment and fellow men, women, and children.
  • Partnering with other mission minded universities and organizations to exchange Professors, Students, and Resources.
  • Provide a training and research center focused on tropical diseases.

To accomplish this our University and Campus needs the following:

  • Expand Health Science Academic Fields (four of which pertain to Health): Nursing, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, and Nutrition to include a school of Medicine in order to prepare physicians to server Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and South America.
  • Build a new Heath Science Library and Classroom buildings.
  • Build a new Medical Clinic with the ability to expand into a 200 bed teaching hospital.

Bolivia – Heathcare at a Glance

  • Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in South America with 56 % of the population living in conditions of poverty (≈ 5 million citizens).
  • Infant Mortality rate are 75 deaths per 1,000 births
  • 10% of population has Diabetes
  • Medical Services are generally inadequate and the health situation in Bolivia requires urgent measures

Dr. Meredythe Scheflen

Dr. Meredythe Scheflen being awarded the “Hija Ilustra de Santa Cruz”, highest civilian honor for here work in education in Santa Cruz

How to help us?



Pray that God will anoint the Youth of Bolivia, and that they will allow a transformation to occur in their lives, causing them to want to serve those in need.



We are seeking partners who wish to come alongside UEB to exchange knowledge, resources, students, and professors. Contact Us



We are seeking funding partners who feel led to assist in the development of this vision. See our funding needs by clicking the link below. Read More

Let’s start build Bolivia’s future.

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